DeHeroGame is recently launched on MEXC. The name already says it, it is a game, a blockchain game of course.  DeHero is running on BNB chain. 100 million tokens is the max supply. 1 million AMG tokens are airdropped on MEXC to the holders of MX tokens.

More airdrops are announced to the come for the players of the game.


Trading DeHero

One hour after the airdrop the markets were opened to be able to trade DeHero.  The airdrop is done in the same way as Binance does its airdrops, a distribution to the own token of MEXC , the MX token.


Game players and community.

Checking some numbers of game players ,  last day there where around 100 accounts/addresses active , over a month this number was 500. Not really a big number of players , but going to to MEXC and being more visable , might increase the number over time. 

Token distribution

For the airdrop one percent of all the tokens are used. Twentyfour percent of the tokens went to the team. Thirtysix percent of the tokens are a reserve, fourteen percent are sold in a presale. And last but not least 25% of the token are available to reward players.  The number of tokens for the team , and the general reserve together sixty percent seem to be high.

The gameplay

The game play is based on NFT's and growth. Hero's, missions and events it the game should earn some tokens. The game model might attrack players, but keep in mind there already are a lot of these games. So i am wondering what makes it realy unique. Game players in the crypto environnement most play for the returns , selling off their earnings in the game for stables or the top coins.

DeHerogame Review

The best way for anyone to decide if they want to have game tokens is playing the game , do you like to play it yourself then the tokens might have a higher value for you then for all the other who dont like the gameplay at all.

The team

On the project website, the team members are not identified. Anonymus team members in combination with a high number of tokens under their control , might be a red flag.

Social Media and Chat


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